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There is absolutely no one in this country with a smartphone, from all age groups who aren’t on social media even though they don’t know how to use it or the smartphone. The online space if obviously a lie and bullshit, it also serves the needs for flex, sex and to impress.

You may see guys posting with enormous self-serving and profound captions of themselves and their personality but have no idea what it means because they pick it from movie stars. A guy posted a picture of his, nothing special, same common pose guys know with a caption “I like me better when I am with you”.

You have no idea who he is talking about because he is the only one in the picture. You let it go because you think he might be talking about self love, one thing that revolves around in the online space. People tell others to love themselves, as if nobody knew it. I am sad. Let me be.

Boys actually don’t understand that a female knows you are in love with her even before you know it yourself. Same goes around with girls.

So after covid, if one has to win a person in today’s time, he/she has to win the same person twice in two different spaces. One online and another Offline. During this time the guy tries to win the girl in the online space which he thinks is easy because it’s easier to be fake to be honest.

This is during the pandemic. The guy starts posting about his so-called social works. Helping people with clothes and food. Then this guy realises that he needs to step up his game. He puts out an instagram story that he is willing to help people in need during their tough times with food and shelter.

The world lacks common sense than anything else. If someone is in need of something as basic as food and a roof, would be on Instagram making reels and if so why would he follow you?
He writes “ You need any help, I am there”
His mom kicks him out of the kitchen as he is not useful to her for peeling veggies in the house and this guy will help the street?

A few days later, after doing vigorous social work this guy gets hospitalized. Now he has become helpless after helping others so much. How did I come to know about it?
He shared a story put by his friend tagging him and wishing him speedy recovery and a few kind words. I was like, he is literally in front of you and you could have said it to your friend on his face.

The weird part is bedridden guy is sharing it in his story. He shared another story by another friend, wishing him recovery where he was showing the peace sign and his two fingers near his face. You know how, I am talking about. So, when he did that, his forearms were visible and it had a tattoo and it was spelled “A L I V E”. Looking at his condition it is exactly the word he is farthest from right now!



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