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India is a country where everything needs to be perfect even though nothing is perfect as everything can be done better. Of Course for Indians perfect is already a part of their history and they are not giving up on that.

The place where I come from, females are the highest respected individuals, even the highest god we worship is a female and yet the females are judged by the clothes they wear, the male friends they have by fellow females themselves. It’s like match fixing, playing in it for your personal agendas and aspirations which are benefiting the opposition team. Not saying that men are opponents but that is how they claim power and authority.

I have seen really old ladies staring at the females walking out wearing Salwar Kameez for a job. I could hear those really old ladies whisper amongst themselves. I call them offline trolls but the fun here is the trolls don’t reach you but those stares surely hurt a female.

The acceptance coefficient of new trends online is really quick but in the offline space it’s ruined because of the fact of righteousness the past came up with. I don’t think that irrationality is the curse to the country but non-acceptance of different ideas and imposition of one’s righteousness on others, truly is.

Girls roam around in outfits the grandmothers never thought could be called outfits. As the fashion hadn’t evolved along with minds. If minds don’t evolve how an industry will? But somehow the fashion has immensely evolved in different parts of the country. Sometimes it’s awful, sometimes it’s beautiful but it’s personal everytime to every one of us.

Stereotypes in clothing is an issue not only faced by young girls but also children. People had pointed their fingers on other daughters and now their own grandchildren are doing the same, which of course is not wrong.

If India is patriarchal, lmao, India is patriarchal not only because of males but also because of females who never had a will to grow, reach new levels, do remarkable things. These females are the ones who really are dragging the ones who want to do the above things.

Females are fighting males. Males are just riding on the fuel other females are providing. Men are cowards, they will square off their position the moment the market starts falling. Men are so cowardly that they will wear the same pants so that their favorite team wins as they don’t trust their team. Men will eat one spicy pani puri and shit in their pants for the next 5 days. Men, yes are the problem but they are nothing without females. Not just here, anywhere on this earth.

You know why Elon will not make it to Mars? That’s because he doesn’t have a girl…..yet. Even if we get to Mars, the fact is a fact, nothing is changing.